A search for a way to speed up the changes and to make them last longer

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I’ve spent many years using inner self work and voice dialogue, and often the results for the individual are so positive that they amaze me. But just as often I am puzzled by the way that another individual just doesn’t seem to "get it". Some people, myself included still found it very hard to make any real changes in our lives.

Yes, I must admit that for many of those years I didn’t really "get it". After seven years, and even after publishing the first edition of "Growing Awareness" I could not help noticing that although I thought I "understood" inner self work and self-awareness (in my rational mind) it still wasn't working the way I wanted it to.

   And I know from the people I work with, that they too often find it hard to grasp some of the essential ideas. As a colleague of mine put it rather well a few years ago:

"I can understand it well enough in my rational analytical mind. But it doesn't seem to go deep enough. I need to find a way to get inner self work into my heart, to connect it up with the muscles and cells in my body. My biggest worry is that I don't think my Inner Child really understands it at all."

So, was that the problem, or the symptom?

And that got me thinking ………about why does it often takes years, literally, before people start using their understanding of this work make real, significant and permanent changes in their life. I know how hard it was for me to make any real changes in my life.

And started me on a search …….

To find out why it took some people like me, so long to "get it"…

And it also set me looking at an associated problem. And that is, the number of people who start out with tremendous enthusiasm after even the briefest exposure to inner self work, and who then quite suddenly (and permanently) drop out and don't ever come back again.

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Most new postings about this alternative approach are now found on the Growing Awareness 2005 website at http://www.growingaware.com/


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